When I first heard about ChatGPT, I wanted to try it. My first experiment with ChatGPT […]
Why should someone consider their food intake in relation to their ADHD? For those with ADHD, […]
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There is the grogginess that’s settled on myself and everyone around me. The smoke has put […]
FocusMate is the tool you didn’t know you needed! Sometimes I need to work-well, ok we […]
Time management is an essential skill, and hour blocking is an easy and powerful way to […]
Many of us are all too aware of time management. It seems that there just aren’t […]
Biohacking is a popular new topic. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, biohacking manipulates your body, […]
Time is incredibly important, and unfortunately, it is impossible to magically add more minutes to the […]
How do you react when you’re faced with circumstances beyond your control or you fall short […]
Summary: In this video, Lindsay and Amy discuss ADHD and some of the potential impacts of […]