Time is incredibly important, and unfortunately, it is impossible to magically add more minutes to the day.  If you find yourself getting distracted throughout the workday, you’re likely to waste those precious minutes.  Here are 6 tips that increase your efficiency

When you become more productive, not only will you shine at work, but you’ll also have more time for the things you enjoy doing!

So, what can you do to be more productive?

Keep these 6 tips that increase your efficiency in mind to get more done at work:

Plan your workday

Before you get started working, or even the night before, set your priorities so that you’ll know what the most important tasks are. Make a to-do list with the most important tasks at the top.

*If you’re working with your ADHD, you may experiment with adding something that is an easy warm-up task to feel successful.  Avoid checking email if possible, it will pull you in every direction but your to-do list.

Follow your plan

Tackle the tasks on your to-do list in order. Complete the most important tasks early in the day! When you know that you’ve done the most important ones, the rest of the day is easier.

*With ADHD, you may want to spend more time paying attention to the energy demands of a task.  Match the task to your available energy.

* When other items demand your immediate attention (as they inevitably will), handle them quickly and return to your to-do list.

* When other tasks come up unexpectedly, determine their priority. If they have a lower priority than your current task, try to delay doing them until you finish the higher-priority task.

Reduce distractions

If you have a private office, close the door. If you work in an open room, consider investing in some noise-canceling headphones. Playing some light music from a streaming service can help you to tune out the distractions.

* To limit interruptions from your coworkers, let others know how long you’ll be unavailable. Set a timer or block out “unavailable” time on your calendar.

*Keep only what you need for your current task on your desk. Too much clutter is distracting. Designate a place to keep all your supplies and return them to their proper place when you’re done using them. This will also keep you from wasting time looking for needed items.

Avoid multitasking

You may think that you can juggle multiple jobs at the same time, but the truth is that those tasks that you’re juggling won’t be completed with the quality that you strive for. This may result in errors that you then have to spend time rectifying.

*Sometimes, having two tasks to rotate between may be helpful for a mental break.  Be intentional about these!

* Research shows that it invariably works out better when you focus on one task. Finish one task and then go on to the next.

Learn to delegate

Choose tasks from your to-do list that others can complete or help you with and delegate these tasks to them. This will free up some of your time for high-priority tasks that you must complete yourself.

* Trying to do too many results in an overall drop in the quality of your work, which ultimately negatively affects productivity. You only have so much time, energy, and attention.

Take breaks

When you work for an extended period without taking a break, your productivity levels, and efficiency drop.  Try to take a break for about 5 minutes each hour.

* In your break, give your mind a rest from your work. Put it out of your mind for just a few minutes.

*Stand up and walk around. Take some deep breaths. Do a few stretches and jumping jacks to get your blood moving again.

*Go for a walk. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes out of the office, you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready for the next task.

*Listen to a podcast or read a book!  You can find some of my recommendations here.

Keep these tips in mind to become more efficient with your time at work. You’ll get more done at work, which will make your boss happy and give you more spare time to enjoy doing the things that you love.



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