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Do you want to get more out of life? Harnessing your innate communication style, organizational methods, and social interactions can set you free and help you reach new heights. Specializing in divergent thinkers, gifted individuals, and those with ADHD, I help you achieve your goals in a way that really works for you. My clients are often creative, intense, entrepreneurial, and they process information quickly. As a certified coach, I offer one-on-one and small group coaching, or tutoring, to help empower you to see your projects and goals come into fruition. I am Amy Voros, coach and owner of Creative Catapult Coaching and Tutoring. Learn about my  coaching and tutoring, and let’s start working together today! Here is an Ignite Seattle talk I gave about feeling intense.



Coaching With Your Brain in Mind

How do you think?

How does that influence your decisions?

Are you processing information in a way that is natural and easy for you? At the most basic level, differences in individual thinking and learning styles correspond to the three principal senses: vision, hearing and feeling. Thinking in the visual system uses pictures, colors, abstract plans, diagrams etc. The auditory system uses sounds, conversations, rhythm, melody etc. The kin-aesthetic system uses information of a feeling nature – balance, weight, temperature, emotional state, “gut” feeling, intuition etc. If you aren’t operating from a natural state, I suspect you’re coping. I know I do fine and am adaptable, I can operate and compensate until I’m under stress, but going against MY grain is exhausting. It’s also demoralizing and confusing! Eventually, my brain gives up in exhausting and I want to throw up my hands in frustration and confusion–logic doesn’t help, and then I realize it’s time to change gears.

What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching honors the client as the expert in his/her life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaches work with people who want support in their jobs, their projects, or their personal development. They work with individuals and with teams who are looking for the best ways to get things done. A coaching partnership offers a confidential space to explore ideas, problem-solve, and establish a realistic, clear plan of action to reach desired outcomes. The benefits of professional coaching are numerous–fresh perspectives on challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out chosen work and life roles 

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Tiny Habits® for Functioning Better with ADHD

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Client Testimonials

Hear more about Amy from those who work with her.

One of many things that I am grateful to Amy for is her integrity. Over almost two years of coaching, she comes to every meeting we schedule and reliably gives her attention to me. Her showing up for me has taught me how to show up for myself.

Michael P., Client

Amy’s been very helpful for my daughter with her math work, but when I started a new job at the same time my high school aged son began to get behind on his assignments, that’s when Amy really helped! She’s working with the 3 of us now — helping me manage our family’s transition from having a stay-at-home mom to having a working mom, helping my son organize and track his school work and get his thoughts together for his writing assignments, and helping my daughter with her math. I couldn’t be juggling all of this without her!

– Nancy, Client

I highly recommend Amy as a coach. As a writer diagnosed with ADD, Amy’s been a perfect fit for me. She is not only an ADHD coach, but also works with other writers. She gets what I’m struggling with. We work on both ADD and writing issues as well as external issues that I allow to intrude into my writing space.  

Coaching with Amy has had a positive influence on my writing in multiple ways. Amy pushes me to dig deep looking for underlying root causes to issues I’ve identified (or she’s asked me about). She holds me accountable for the actions I say I’m going to do and don’t. She’s gentle and there’s understanding about the speed humps I encounter. There’s a positive discussion about what worked, and what didn’t and why.  

– Catherine, Client

Throughout my life I was always physically exhausted and had no idea why. The exhaustion made it, a) incredibly hard to find my life purpose and b) incapable of living it once I found it. I am not sure how Amy did it, but she got me to dig deep and look at why that was. For me, this was the most important aspect of my coaching time together with Amy. It was her ability to get me to see that I was always running at top speed until I collapsed and ended up putting myself in ICU (metaphorically speaking). What made this worse was that I never healed myself prior to getting back out in the race and ended up putting myself back into ICU again. 

Through our discussions, Amy’s thought provoking questions helped me to understand this. For that I am very grateful and wish her the best in her coaching career. Through our co-creation, she definitely helped me and I expect her to be a pioneer in shaping the next evolution of coaching.

– Matt, Client

I am writing to strongly recommend and advocate for Amy Voros as a life coach for those with ADHD in grad school or medical school. I always knew I had ADHD but because I was successful in school I never thought to seek help.

However, when I started my PA program I felt frustrated that I wasn’t able to concentrate and became anxious on tests. I became increasingly frustrated knowing I knew the material but wasn’t able to portray that on exams. Amy taught me things about my ADHD and how to work with my talents, intelligence, and learning style to teach me how to study effectively. My confidence was increased and I began to do better on tests.

Amy always gives me the best advice and made me a much less anxious person by changing the way I thought. Through Amy’s work I went from struggling on tests and being unable to focus, to becoming a confident student that graduated with honors.

– Caroline, Client