Learn why Tiny Habits® is a game-changer for people living with ADHD. With the Tiny Habits® method as the framework, you can start making changes in your life today that will reduce stress and overwhelm. When you complete the Tiny Habits® for Functioning Better with ADHD Course, you’ll have a better understanding of how to implement Tiny Habits® into your daily life.

In Tiny Habits® for Functioning Better with ADHD Course, you will learn:

  • The structure of a Tiny Habit®
  • How to design and implement Tiny Habits®
  • Ways to create a Tiny Habit® environment in your home
  • How to teach children to create Tiny Habits®
  • How to reduce stress with your children
  • And more!

 This course is for …

  • Adults, whether parents or non-parents, with ADHD, or those who love them
  • Adults/Curious self-directed learners!
  • Neurodiverse (ND) people looking to improve their life and reduce stress and overwhelm
  • ND people who struggle with brain fog, feeling distracted or overwhelmed with their workload, whether working from home or out of the home, and is in need of a strategy to be more efficient
  • This is an online, self-driven course where they will have access to us at any point with questions or assistance along the way

Course Summary:

  • In just under 3 hours with 10 modules – most lessons under 10 minutes, learn from 4 Tiny Habits experts: 2 ADHD coaches, and BJ Fogg and his team about how to create and use Tiny Habits to augment your brain and executive function. 
  • Making behaviors into habits takes less brain power, leaves you more energy to focus on what matters, and lets you spend less time looking for things (like your keys!) 
  • Whether you want to remember everything to get yourself or your family out the door in the morning, or how to celebrate and feel good about the things you do, Tiny Habits for Functioning Better with ADHD is for you.

Course Modules and lessons breakdown:

  • Total time – 2 hours, 54 minutes at normal speed. ADHDers may prefer to watch it at a faster speed
  • Here’s a preview of your time commitment:
Module 1 – Welcome!12:56
Preview and Introductions2:34
BJ’s Intro2:15
Who is this course for?5:08
Let’s Dive in with these Habit Recipes1:37
Module 2 – Thinking About Tiny, Habits, and ADHD16:34
Why tiny Habits for ADHD Matter14:27
five More Habit Recipes2:07
Evaluate this Session0
Module 3 -The Basics of Tiny Habits15:28
Learning about the Tiny Habits Method6:29
What is NOT the Tiny Habits Method7:44
Five more Habit Recipes1:15
Module 4 – Create Your Habit Recipes23:19
Design Habits into your Life with Amy9:15
Design Habits into your Life with Stephanie7:45
How to Put this into Practice5:43
Five New Habits to inspire0:36
Module 5 – Emotions Create Habits37:21
Emotions Create Habits not Repetition8:13
Hack Your Emotions to form Habits Quickly28:09:00
Habit Celebrations to Try0:59
Module 6 – Hooray! Beyond the Halfway Point1:32
Let’s Celebrate1:32
Module 7 – Practice and Revise Your Habits27:19
How’s it Going?9:06
Troubleshooting Systematically6:05
More Recipes to Inspire with Amy and Stephanie1:06
More Recipes to Inspire with Amy0:58
More Recipes to Inspire with Stephanie10:04
Module 8 – Build Habits for ADHD Adults and Families21:09
Tiny is Good for You and ADHD9:31
Tiny Helps you Get Where You Want to Be5:27
Teach your Speciality5:02
Wrap with Five Recipes1:09
Module 9 – Habiteer Culture in Your Home11:02
What is a Habiteer2:49
Imagine this in your Home1:48
Techniques for Creating Habiteer Culture in Your Home6:25
Module 10 – Wrapping Up This Course7:01
How Far You’ve come2:55
Share Your Knowledge4:06
Thank you0

About Your Instructors:

Stephanie Marcusky of Authentic Growth Coaching

Stephanie Marcusky, the founder of Authentic Growth Coaching, is a wife and mother of two children, both diagnosed with ADHD. She herself was diagnosed at 43 with ADHD.

She has a Bachelors in Construction from the University of Florida, and an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi, but she cycled through multiple jobs, even before having children. Having 2 kids in less than 5 years seemed to make the chaos worse. After losing a really special job created just for her, she finally got tested and diagnosed for ADHD. But even that wasn’t quite enough to make things click.

Psychiatrists were really expensive, therapy wasn’t changing things quickly enough, and traditional coaching with someone inexperienced in ADHD left her feeling like she was spinning her wheels. Looking specifically for coaching for people with ADHD, she found Laurie Dupar’s International ADHD Coach Training Center and set out to become her own coach and teach others how to overcome the problems ADHD creates by focusing on the strengths ADHD can reveal.

Headshot of Amy Voros, owner of Creative Catapult Coach
Amy Voros of Creative Catapult Coach

Amy Voros, the founder of Creative Catapult Coach, is a Certified Professional Coach at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. She is also a member of the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization), and CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder). She holds a BA in Business Administration and has completed coursework in Entrepreneurship, as well as with JST Coaching and Impact ADHD as a Sanity School Trainer.  Amy has recently also completed a certification as a Tiny Habits® Coach. She was diagnosed in her 30s with ADHD and has been Gifted since birth.

She has a zest for life, and she holds a uniquely flexible outlook on it; it might have something to do with being ADHD herself! She loves to listen, think, and create. She knows learning about herself and helping others do the same is the coolest career choice ever. With all due respect, your ideal life and career probably don’t look exactly like hers. THAT’S GOOD!

What people are saying about the Tiny Habits® for Functioning Better with ADHD Course:

“I wanted to take a moment and thank Stephanie and Amy for putting this together on the Tiny Habits®. As someone who has dealt with ADHD most of my life, the idea of small, Tiny Habits® feel like very doable action steps to always keep me moving forward. The part about putting on my oxygen mask, breathing, stretching, and organizing both my physical and mental space really hit home for me. Sometimes, we have to take care of ourselves first. I have already started implementing the steps and started my first couple Tiny Habits®. Great information and I look forward to learning more.”

Ryan R., Little Rock, AR

“I liked that it’s bite sized and easily digestible. It’s straightforward and includes some helpful tips and examples from real life scenarios. It addresses the specifics that arise when children are involved and it’s not just about us anymore.”

Stephanie Z., Venice, FL