Head Shot of Amy

How do you think? How does that influence your decisions?  Are you processing information in a way that is natural and easy for you?

If you aren’t operating from a natural state, I suspect you’re coping. I know I do fine and am adaptable, I can operate and compensate until I’m under stress, but going against MY grain is exhausting. It’s also demoralizing and confusing! Eventually, my brain gives up in exhausting and I want to throw up my hands in frustration and confusion–logic doesn’t help.

Life’s a dance you learn as you go–Sometimes you lead, Sometimes you follow. Don’t worry about what you don’t know, cause life’s a dance you learn as you go. (But don’t forget that the journey is as important.)

About Me

I work with all sorts of divergent thinkers, especially Gifted and ADHD. We’re the kind of people who are naturally intense, curious, creative, and fast thinkers who are often told to slow down! The challenge with this is that there can be half-finished projects here, procrastination on others there, and sheer overwhelm trying to maintain a daily life that feels fulfilling.

I have a zest for life and I hold a uniquely flexible outlook on it, it might have something to do with being ADHD myself! I love to listen, to think, and to create. I know learning about myself and helping others do the same is the coolest career choice ever. With all due respect, your ideal life and career probably don’t look exactly like mine. THAT’S GOOD!

So, what do I do? I offer 1-on-1 and group coaching. During these sessions, I listen like a good friend, without unsolicited advice. I help identify priorities and design ways for you build accountability to yourself and others. I push you to think about your situation in new ways; sometimes by asking tough questions. I help you chart your way to your goals and provide support and ideas (or help you sort them out).

I love helping you identify if your actions fit your goals and values. If they don’t, awareness is the first step toward change. If they do, your world is on a great path. I shift perspectives to open new possibilities. In times that are good and bad, I celebrate with you.

I am a Certified Professional Coach at the PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level. I am also a member of the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization), and CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder). I hold a BA in Business Administration and have completed coursework in Entrepreneurship, as well as with JST Coaching and Impact ADHD as a Sanity School Trainer.  I have recently also completed a certification as a Tiny Habits(r) Coach. I was diagnosed in my 30s with ADHD and have been Gifted since birth, (I blame that on my parents. 🙂 ).


email: amy at creative catapult coach . com (remove the spaces and add the @ sign)

Coaching line: 206-462-5006


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