Individual Coaching

Three 45 minute sessions  or four 30 minute sessions per month. I ask for a three month commitment because it can take time to change habits and see results. New Clients will also go through a 1.5 Hour foundation session:

Cost $375/mo
Foundation Session: $250
Professional Students: Please inquire about other rates

 “You have a unique ability to get to the crux of a situation, problem or circumstance and find innovative solutions. Your intuitiveness is a gift that few share. Thanks so very much, it has been a real pleasure to work with you!”

Sandy, Accounting Professional, Seattle WA

College Student ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

ADHD coaching for college students is an emerging specialty that allows parents and older students to allow a partnership between the coach and student to focus on a student’s goals and forward progress. See this post for a more in-depth description of the process.

This usually includes more intense contact and check in schedule and a slightly more directive and concrete coaching style as well as education for the student about ADHD and how it affects them, their life, and those around them.

Cost: $375/month
Foundation Session: $250
Professional/Graduate Students: Please inquire about other rates

Writers Productivity KickStart

ADHD Group Coaching-Interest Inquiry

Tiny Habits 5 Day Free Email Program

Build 3 Tiny Habits with this free email program.  More info & signup here.


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