In typical time goes too fast, it’s November and I’m working on getting help. So, here’s […]
I recently reached out to my colleague, Mollie Yates of Horizon View Functional Therapy, to write […]
Its October, already?!? The theme this year for ADHD Awareness Month is Moving forward with ADHD.​​I’m again […]
How did we get to September already? I’m not sure how that happened. But the days […]
Last week we looked at some of the neurobiology of change and motivation. For a refresher, […]
Welcome to this month’s newsletter! This got longer than I intended, but I want to build […]
You can’t open a news site, turn on the radio, or walk down the street without […]
When I first heard about ChatGPT, I wanted to try it. My first experiment with ChatGPT […]
Why should someone consider their food intake in relation to their ADHD? For those with ADHD, […]
What does optimum mental and physical health mean to you? To me, optimum mental and physical […]