Executive Function is a term you’ll hear thrown around a lot. Basically, it’s your brain’s ability to self-monitor, plan, execute tasks, and shift gears as needed. Everyone has a different profile of executive strengths and weaknesses. Stress and fatigue tax everyone’s executive functions.

Executive Dysfunction, Explained!

Executive dysfunction is a brain-based impairment that impacts a person’s ability to analyze, organize, decide, and execute things on time. It causes assignments to be lost, deadlines to be missed, and projects to overwhelm.

Executive Dysfunction & Learning Disabilities in Kids with ADHD (additudemag.com)

I use a combination of Tiny Habits® coaching on top of observation, and over 10 years of personal and client experiences to help people design and implement a life that works for them, whether that’s managing school and work, starting a business or getting back on track after a major illness.