I’ve temporarily disabled my email subscription button until I can figure out how to keep spam […]
I have several projects that I’ve decided that need to be done and today is the […]
Sometimes, I wonder if my high school and college students get tired of me asking, did […]
How do you know what is enough? How do you set your own boundaries and judgments? […]
With several clients lately we’ve been discussing our perceptions time and I remembered and old reference […]
I recently had the chance to complete an exciting course  through JST Coaching on coaching teens […]
Some info about Seattle Area Math Camps via Girls Rock Math Spring Break: Bead-Dazzling Math Mid-Winter […]
Productive Flourshing’s Planners are out! Great for creative people who find traditional planners less useful.  Give […]
Perfectionism: The Occupational Hazard of Giftedness Date: Thursday December 17, 2015 Time: 7:30 p.m. Eastern [90 mins.]    Presenter: Lisa Van […]
On Monday, December 7, Seattle had it’s darkest day in the last nine years. Literally, we […]