So, Lindsay Buroker, is working with me to build up some videos about ADHD on my Youtube Channel.

We recorded a general video about ADHD and Adults. Not that this is a new topic, but if you’re new to getting a diagnosis, or just wanting to learn more about your own ADHD, this is one place to start! Some ideas we cover are body doubling, the 5 adhd motivators: Novelty, Competition, Urgency, Interest, Play(Humor). We also talk about how it might show up including trouble finsihing tasks and challenges showing up places on time.

Also of note is that more and more adults are recognizing this in themselves and that it isn’t ever too late to pursue a diagnosis to help get you where you want to go. Labels aren’t everything, but realizing that many adult ADHD challenges are not related to character can be a game-changer.



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