How Much Anxiety is on Your To Do List?

I have several projects that I’ve decided that need to be done and today is the day to do them! Unfortunately, about 4 of the 6 are things I don’t want to do for assorted reasons. I should know I will have more success if I either break these down into smaller pieces, don’t schedule all of them for one day. My current plan is to par most of them into smaller pieces and drop one of the ones that I want to do until tomorrow because circumstances are better to work on some of these today.

Next time you’re stuck on your to do list, think about how much anxiety what you’ve scheduled is causing and how you might be able to par it back!

Yes, If I’m Reminding You To Do It In High School, I Should Probably Be Doing it Myself Now

Sometimes, I wonder if my high school and college students get tired of me asking, did you update your calendar? When did you last check on XYZ?

I know it’s important, and generally keep abreast of my own calendar, as it makes my own life easier. But I also understand why they (and I) don’t always keep it up. In the short term, we remember what is going on and the calendar is only an external structure to help us remember. The challenge comes weeks later when you’re trying to reconstruct the calendar vs. what actually happened.

I’m working on trying to send a billing statement to several families and between travel arrangements on both sides, spring break and my own illness, I’m having a hard time reconciling my calendar back to mid-February–and two versions of the calendar doesn’t help much either. (Yes, student’s even us adults aren’t always current–when we’re “bugging” you, we’re trying to save you from the pain and frustration that we know happen!)

Points of Evaluation

How do you know what is enough? How do you set your own boundaries and judgments? These are the kinds of questions that overthinkiners, myself included ponder, or would benefit from pondering more.

I don’t have an answer for the night, but want to pose the question to the world.

What are your thoughts?

Or, maybe we’d benefit from thinking less and just drawing a boundary and seeing what happens. So far the world hasn’t ended when I’ve been working with this mindset over the last few weeks. I’ll keep you posted. ūüôā

Coaching as an Anchor Point

With several clients lately we’ve been discussing our perceptions time and I remembered and old reference I’d used during my own coach training about coaching acting as an “anchor in time”.

For someone who spends lots of time in her head, the chance to externalize with a partner and readjust to where I am in the flow of time is invaluable.

Several clients have made the same observations when it has come up over the last several weeks and I think it’s time to get it back into the forefront of my examples with lots of clients!

Imaginational Over-Excitability and Things Beyond My Control

disasterYep, ¬†Something happened. Imagine that! The only this is, I don’t know what it was. The part of me that likes to be in charge, just would like to know what happened as the rational and the creative part of me works to compensate for what I haven’t heard.

I had a meeting scheduled with a new client and it’s been radio silence. ¬†This individual is a busy professional, and I know this instinctively. ¬†I’ve followed up by email and voice, sent paperwork, kept my word and now the overexcitablity part of me wonders what I missed. ¬†The rational side goes, no, you did everything right.

overthinkingAs a keenly aware individual, who can also be oblivious, it’s hard to know when I’m compensating the right amount, too much, or not enough! ¬†Part of me can roll with the punches and change gears, but then I start to wonder what is too laissez faire. ¬† ¬†I could go on, but I won’t. ūüôā

Welcome to a small slice of my brain.

Quick Reflections on Demo Coaching

Participants are brave! Thank you so much!

More information about what coaching session involves if I do this again.

Good connection with clients makes for great insights.

I liked the combo of demo coaching and peer coaching.

Thanks to ADD Resources-Tacoma Support group for letting me test this!


Sanity School Starts Soon!

FAQs about Sanity School:

We’ve boiled down our most crucial tools, techniques and strategies into a compact, 6-week course. The sessions are offered at multiple, convenient times. It’s the best of Elaine & Diane, in six easy steps!

  • 6 week telephone based training course with Elaine & Diane
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Speaking at ADD Resources in Tacoma: Feb 11, 2015

Live coaching demo!

See ADD coaching in action through an informal exploration on “How the process of self-exploration¬†can propel change.” Please join us on Wednesday, February 11th with ADD Coach Amy Voros. We’ll need volunteers willing to participate in problem-solving sessions under her lead. ¬†¬†There will be time for three 20 minute sessions. Please note: What goes on in support group meetings stays in the meeting.


Tacoma ADDR Adult ADHD Support & Information Group

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015, 7:00 PM

Jackson Hall
314 Martin Luther King Jr Way Tacoma, WA

10 Members Went

“How the Process of Self-Exploration Can Propel Change” live with Amy Voros, ADHD Coach –¬†See¬†ADHD coaching in action¬†through an informal exploration -We’ll need volunteers willing to participate in problem-solving sessions with Coach Voros in the lead. There will be three 20-minute sessions.¬†Find out more about Amy at¬†https://creativecatapultcoa…

Check out this Meetup →

LastPass Secure P@ssw0rds S3cur3ly Secured!

So, bad pun, but it demonstrates a few of the password faults many people use: variations on a theme or two. So, if you’re anything like me, you know that your passwords should be more secure, not be duplicated, not be written down, be strong. ¬†Etc. Etc. Etc. ¬†And like me, you might not do it enough. (I think I’ve violated all the rules above in the last six months…)


Using secure, complicated passwords is incredibly inconvenient, as the most secure passwords¬†are the ones you can’t remember. And as high profile security breaches become commonplace, many people are looking for solutions to securely manage their passwords. Like LastPass.

The Psychologist Says I’m SANE: Debrowski’s Overexcitiablities

So, the original title of my Ignite 21 speech was “The Psychologist Says I’m Sane.” ¬†My focus was my own experiences with the intensities that about 20% of the population is wired with. ¬†These include psychomotor, sensual, intellectual, imaginational, and emotional. ¬†If you’ve ever been called “too much” this might make sense to you!

Debrowski was a Polish psychologist from the 1940s who developed some interesting ideas about the gifted including overexcitibilities and the theory of positive disintegration as an explanation for personal growth.