Individual Coaching

Three 45 minute sessions  or four 30 minute sessions per month. I ask for a three month commitment because it can take time to change habits and see results. New Clients will also go through a 1.5 Hour foundation session:

Cost $325/mo
Foundation Session: $175
Professional Students: Please inquire about other rates

 “You have a unique ability to get to the crux of a situation, problem or circumstance and find innovative solutions. Your intuitiveness is a gift that few share. Thanks so very much, it has been a real pleasure to work with you!”

Sandy, Accounting Professional, Seattle WA

College Student ADHD/Executive Function Coaching

ADHD coaching for teens and college students is an emerging specialty that allows parents and older students to allow a partnership between the coach and student to focus on a student’s goals and forward progress. See this post for a more in-depth description of the process.

This usually includes more intense contact and check in schedule and a slightly more directive and concrete coaching style as well as education for the student about ADHD and how it affects them, their life, and those around them.

Cost: $275/month
Foundation Session: $150
Professional/Graduate Students: Please inquire about other rates

ADHD Success Group Coaching

Starting Summer 2020

Aimed at professionals who want some external accountability, support and brain power from like-minded adults! These groups meet weekly by Zoom on six-week cycles.  We meet 1 hour per week. Cost is $150 for the 6-week series.

“The work we’ve done in Amy’s groups has given me a whole new perspective on my professional relationships.   I’m able to take on better projects and bigger clients  with greater confidence and less friction.   Amy is doing important and valuable work for our community. ”
 –Jason, Web Developer

Email for more information and registration.

ADHD Coaching Consults for Therapists-

Summer 2020

Are you a therapist who wants to know how ADHD coaching works?  I would love to chat with you!

Email for more information.


Questions about any of these? Want to find out more?  Schedule a Consultation here: