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Welcome!  Why am I Writing a Newsletter?

This is me doing what I’ve talked about for a few years, writing a newsletter to my subscribers!

A.)  Telling people what I’m doing,
B.)  Giving me a way to share some resources or things I find interesting.

A few months ago, current clients got an email a day or two before saying I was sitting on a streaming panel for Tiny Habits for ADHD if they were interested in attending. This didn’t really give anyone time to work through calendar logistics if they wanted to attend! I know people would have appreciated more notice than I gave.  Are you interested in watching it?  You can do so here.

I’ve got some work to do to let people know the helpful things I’m up to. I’ve learned to make repetitive tasks more system-oriented and not something I have to invent on the fly.  When there is already a structure in place, it is much easier to slot new information in. Tiny Habits would tell me to make it easier and work to remove the barriers. That’s part of what I’m working on.

Also, I have more resources and knowledge in my brain than could be shared in a lifetime. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m a learner and seek input by nature. This is a way for me to give some of that back.

What do you want to see, and what kind of resources are you looking for?

Resources and Things I’m Finding Interesting: 

Brown Noise

Part of the ‘white noise’ spectrum. Lower in frequency than white noise.

Lots of folks over on ADHD Tiktok have been raving about it. They find it both great for relaxation and also for inducing focus. I’ve been playing it some days while doing non-video call parts of my work, and I do find that it is making it easier to concentrate. Placebo? Maybe? But it’s not hurting anything. (and it covers up the crows when they’re being annoying!)

DiscBound Notebooks

Notebooks with removable/reorderable pages that lay flat on your desk. They also go by the name ARC from Staples, this notebook is an A5/Junior size from Eagle on Amazon. You can spend as much money on this as any other hobby, so buyer beware!  Circa and Happy Planner also use the same technology-solid discs with a mushroom-shaped punch.

Currently, I’m using this to make a Standard Operating Procedure for routine stuff in my business so when my Executive Dysfunction kicks in, I don’t have to make decisions or remember how to do something I already figured out (like that order for reconciling my budget software…)

An example of a Discbound planner
Photo Credit:  Get Organized HQ

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