So, it may not be tennis, but it’s writing… It’s been a long time coming. My website has had a caching error for 18+ months, starting right about the time I got a brain tumor. Now in Spring of 2020, we’re now facing a global pandemic. This is the first time I have attempted to post in a long time.

Stick with it, we’ll make it through! I tried tennis lessons in the summer of 2017. I made it through 2 weeks before I gave up in tears. It was too hard. Six weeks later I was having emergency surgery. I thought I’d try again this summer…now i don’t know if we’ll be allowed to be in groups.

Things cycle. I have a different perspective on trying than I did even two years ago. The time will come to try again. It will happen, just maybe not on the time frame you expect. Just like getting back to writing. I’d kind of given that up and now that I”m redoing the website, I have finally resolved the log-in errors that have plagued me for years. It’s time to write again.



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