Yes, If I’m Reminding You To Do It In High School, I Should Probably Be Doing it Myself Now

Sometimes, I wonder if my high school and college students get tired of me asking, did you update your calendar? When did you last check on XYZ?

I know it’s important, and generally keep abreast of my own calendar, as it makes my own life easier. But I also understand why they (and I) don’t always keep it up. In the short term, we remember what is going on and the calendar is only an external structure to help us remember. The challenge comes weeks later when you’re trying to reconstruct the calendar vs. what actually happened.

I’m working on trying to send a billing statement to several families and between travel arrangements on both sides, spring break and my own illness, I’m having a hard time reconciling my calendar back to mid-February–and two versions of the calendar doesn’t help much either. (Yes, student’s even us adults aren’t always current–when we’re “bugging” you, we’re trying to save you from the pain and frustration that we know happen!)

Imaginational Over-Excitability and Things Beyond My Control

disasterYep,  Something happened. Imagine that! The only this is, I don’t know what it was. The part of me that likes to be in charge, just would like to know what happened as the rational and the creative part of me works to compensate for what I haven’t heard.

I had a meeting scheduled with a new client and it’s been radio silence.  This individual is a busy professional, and I know this instinctively.  I’ve followed up by email and voice, sent paperwork, kept my word and now the overexcitablity part of me wonders what I missed.  The rational side goes, no, you did everything right.

overthinkingAs a keenly aware individual, who can also be oblivious, it’s hard to know when I’m compensating the right amount, too much, or not enough!  Part of me can roll with the punches and change gears, but then I start to wonder what is too laissez faire.    I could go on, but I won’t. 🙂

Welcome to a small slice of my brain.

And Sometimes a Blank Slate Stares

And today is one of those days.  So many things I could talk about.  Strengths?  Doing things you love?  Developments in the World of Creative Catapult Coaching? My massive undone “to do:” list?

Maybe today I just need to focus on what is exciting.  Things are going well.  There, I said it.  So much writing on the internet is about what is inspiring, or what I am doing that is making a change in the world.

My thoughts for today?  Things are going well.  I’m doing things I find rewarding and because I’m happy doing things I’m passionate about and others are benefitting from my enthusiasm, it is suddenly not “wasted” time for all the things I’ve learned.  Debrowski’s overexcitabilities?  Was able to talk with a client about that this morning for another way to relate to her family. Being in service to others at my coworking space? It gets me the human connection that is easy to overlook in the rush to be productive.  And not surprisingly, when I am happy, I GET MORE DONE. Duh.  So why do I spend time focusingon things that don’t make me happy?   Good question, something to ponder this week.

Quick Reflections on Demo Coaching

Participants are brave! Thank you so much!

More information about what coaching session involves if I do this again.

Good connection with clients makes for great insights.

I liked the combo of demo coaching and peer coaching.

Thanks to ADD Resources-Tacoma Support group for letting me test this!


New Year, New You?

I’ve spent the day in a bit of a fog thinking about what is important for the first quarter of the year.  My brain refuses to turn on and I am having a more difficult time being gentle today.   My patience for being patient is wearing off.   It is odd how our culture is obsessed with reinventing ourselves every January, only to rituallistically fail in the coming days, weeks and months.  What is the odd pleasure we get from this?

Instead of just jumping into setting goals, especially since I don’t really feel like I know where I am or where I am trying to go, I thought I’d start with a “wheel of life” activity. Interestingly, it’s more balanced than some times when I’ve done this.  At the moment, what is drawing my interest is paying attention to my physical environment, fun and recreation, and money.  I’m mostly going to focus my non-maintainence effort for the next few weeks on these areas.  It’s not that I’m going to stop working on my business, or ignore eating, but I’m putting (re)newed energy into these areas.

With this realizatrion, suddenly, the goal settign was much clearer.  I still wanted to do the same things, but they felt more substantial when I felt I could relate them to specific areas of interest.  Now, I’m hardly talking epic goals:  I want to clean my room, do laundry, do my taxes and set up a budget.  Not necessairly your traditionally inspiring areas, but knowing that these affect that I wnat to feel different about my physical space and be clearer about I want to relate to money, they feel far less random and disjointed.  It’s sort of like categorizing my mental bucket list makes it feel less pointless.   There is a bigger why to doing them.

Walking Makes My Brain Work

So, after ineffective use of normal remedies for mid-day slothing (sleeping, lunch, coffee, bright light), I realized that I had a grand total of 700 steps for the day (it’s after 2 pm).  I aim for 10,000 a day and if I hit 8,000 I’m generally pleased.  So, I walked around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes and can finally think (Up to 3000 steps…).  I’m working from home today, so while I saved the commute time and was able to be productive right off the bat, I’m hitting a mental wall that I’ve seen less of when I spend time at a coworking space that forces me to get out of the house.

LastPass Secure P@ssw0rds S3cur3ly Secured!

So, bad pun, but it demonstrates a few of the password faults many people use: variations on a theme or two. So, if you’re anything like me, you know that your passwords should be more secure, not be duplicated, not be written down, be strong.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  And like me, you might not do it enough. (I think I’ve violated all the rules above in the last six months…)


Using secure, complicated passwords is incredibly inconvenient, as the most secure passwords are the ones you can’t remember. And as high profile security breaches become commonplace, many people are looking for solutions to securely manage their passwords. Like LastPass.

So, What’s a Gifted Adult to Do?

If you’re anything like me, I expected the “grown up” world to be easier. I always thought I’d be able to stay up late because no one would tell me to go to bed and if I wanted to eat popcorn and yogurt for breakfast, hey, why not?   What I never did count on was being pulled in so many directions. Or the intensities of emotion, or the amount of stress I can put myself through and come out alive, although rarely where I planned.

One of the best resources I found was articles and perspectives of gifted adults at the SENG website.  At least I wasn’t the only one wondering about my own depth of emotion, ability to drive myself nuts and a set of perspectives I see as “Oh, wow, you too?  You mean I’m not alone?”  If you feel lost, some of them might make you feel less alone, too.

Loosing Perspective on Success

I realize how often I forget how things have changed.  In meeting with my accountant today, she reminded me that there are lots of things that have changed for me in the last couple years.  Having data to support this is a great thing.  She also encouraged me to focus on one specific aspect where I want to make changes, not the whole process.

Coach’s To Do:  Consider having a conversation with someone who has known you for some time, ask them to highlight changes they’ve seen.

A Bit About Me: ADHD & Gifted Coaching

The other day, someone asked me if I had a bio.  I thought, well, its been a long time since I updated mine.  For your amusement here’s what I sent.


My Coaching Bio
I have a zest for life and I hold a uniquely flexible outlook on it. I love to listen, to think, and to create. I know learning about myself and helping others do the same is the coolest career choice—ever. With all due respect, your ideal life and career probably don’t look exactly like mine. THAT’S GOOD!
So, what do I do?
I listen like a good friend, without unsolicited advice. I push you to think about your situation in new ways. I ask tough questions. I help you chart your way to your goal and provide support and ideas in times that are good and bad, I celebrate with you. I shift perspectives to open new possibilities. I love helping you identify if your actions fit your goals and values. If they don’t awareness is the first step toward change. If they do, your world is on a great path.

I work with all sorts of divergent thinkers, especially Gifted and ADHD. We’re the kind of people who are naturally intense, curious, creative, and fast thinkers who are often told to slow down! I am a CPC (certified professional coach) who is waiting for recognition of my ACC coaching status. I am also a member of the ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization), Northwest Gifted Child Association, and CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder).