Sometimes, I wonder if my high school and college students get tired of me asking, did you update your calendar? When did you last check on XYZ?

I know it’s important, and generally keep abreast of my own calendar, as it makes my own life easier. But I also understand why they (and I) don’t always keep it up. In the short term, we remember what is going on and the calendar is only an external structure to help us remember. The challenge comes weeks later when you’re trying to reconstruct the calendar vs. what actually happened.

I’m working on trying to send a billing statement to several families and between travel arrangements on both sides, spring break and my own illness, I’m having a hard time reconciling my calendar back to mid-February–and two versions of the calendar doesn’t help much either. (Yes, student’s even us adults aren’t always current–when we’re “bugging” you, we’re trying to save you from the pain and frustration that we know happen!)



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